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Secrets of the Inner Smile video

Secrets of the Inner Smile  (68 mins) Complete Class - November 2016 This is the full presentation of the talk I gave in Glastonbury hosted by the Positive Living Group. Download the ...
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The Science and Health Benefits of Self-Care (3:11)

This video gives an overview of the science and health benefits of the Everyone Cares self-care strategies. All the strategies influence your body's neuro-endocrinal system helping to reduce tissue tension, ...
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Soaking (2:17)

Soaking is an enjoyable and easy strategy that supports your health and wellbeing. 'Soaking' means: Whenever you feel anything good, no matter how slight, let it in. This is the ...
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One Brain Cell (3:10)

When exhausted or down all you need to do is switch on just one brain cell to focus on self-care. So there you are feeling down. Inside your mind you ...
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Guided Inner Smile Exercise (7:29)

This video guides you through doing the wonderful Inner Smile exercise. It takes you stage by stage through the process of how to send caring messages through your neuro-endocrinal system ...
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The Power of Modern Spirituality

Today's world makes ever-increasing demands on us, but in modern spirituality we can find heartening new solutions that give us ...
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The Endorphin Effect

Endorphins are the miracle hormones found in everybody that kill pain, provide the foundation for good health and create physical ...
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Endorphin Effect CD

THE ENDORPHIN EFFECT CD Guided Meditations for Health and WellBeing This CD contains all the guided meditations for the Endorphin ...
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Feeling Safe

Feeling safe is vital to leading a successful and healthy life This much needed book provides effective strategies for managing ...
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Psychic Protection

This is the definitive classic on psychic protection, now in its 23rd reprint Are you sensitive to negative energies and ...
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Working with Angels

In Working with Angels bestselling author and teacher Dr William Bloom presents reveals a world that lies behind everyday reality ...
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Leylines and Ecology

This is the full text of the booklet first published in 1985 by Gothic Image Illustrated by Marko Pogacnik Sections: ...
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Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto

How Today's Spirituality Changes Everything "At last - the book that puts it all together for us: spirituality, healthcare and ...
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Encyclopedia of Mind, Body and Spirit (eds)

Co-edited with Professor David Peters and Judy Hall Bringing together a range of expert authors from various fields of complementary ...
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Personal Identity, National Identity, International Relations

Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations is the first psychological study of nation-building, nationalism, mass mobilisation and foreign policy ...
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The Penguin Book of New Age and Holistic Writing

This is an anthology of holistic writings and gems. first published in hardback by Penguin as 'The Holistic Revolution' As ...
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