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Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness

Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness

This is the first UK qualification integrating spirituality and healthcare to be fully accredited.  I am proud to be teaching it.

– Explore and deepen your spiritual practice.
– Learn about the health benefits of spirituality and how to support others in them.
– Achieve a nationally recognised qualification that will enhance your CV and work life.

Join me in this pioneering course.

• London – Alternatives – St. James’s Piccadilly – starts September FULL. WAITING LIST ONLY.
• Findhorn College – starts October

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>> Read the recent half-page feature in “The I” newspaper about the new course and my involvement

20 November 2017

Sex Scandals and a Buddhist Nun

Some would argue that the purpose of religion and philosophy is to curb man’s baser instincts. So do they have anything useful to say about today’s ongoing sex abuse scandals? My friend the groupie who became a Buddhist nun provides a useful insight.
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7  October 2017


This is the text of the Reflective Moment broadcast on 8th October

The annual season of party political conferences has just ended
And I find myself thinking:
Political parties are a bit like religions.
There are
Strongly held beliefs.
Internal divisions.
Conflicts with those of other faiths.

But both of them – political parties and religions –are fuelled by idealism
– a wish to make life better for everyone.

People who are into religion and spirituality however
Don’t need power.

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September 2017

Spiritual Freedom Manifesto


Over thousands of years the major world religions have marginalised natural spirituality.
Knowledge of our innate connection with the wonder, mystery and energy of life has been obscured by dogma and hierarchy.
But immense shifts are happening in our global culture.


People of the World
Reclaim your natural rights. Experience and affirm this prime reality:
Just because we live we are unconditionally part of nature,
earth and the whole wonderful mystery of existence
– by whatever name you call it.

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August 2017

Your Daily Bath in Paradise – Earth and Fire

What kind of spiritual education do children deserve? Or to put it another way what would you have liked when you were a child?

This question was triggered for me when I recently helped develop a personal and social health education programme (PSHE) for a large secondary school. I started to think about what I had received and not received from my parents and schooling. There were some good things but there was also an awful gap.
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July 2017

The Rewards of Spiritual Practice

Feel the Deepest Meaning of Life
Daily spiritual practice can transform you, calm your brain, integrate your heart and breath, and soothe your gut.
Daily spiritual practice can radiate to support, inspire and fuel your friends, colleagues, family and community.
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May 2017

Ten Top Health Benefits of Spirituality

Here I outline ten of the key benefits spiritual practice can bring to both physical and mental health.
• Live longer
• Strong Immune System
• Healthy Gut
• Less Heart Attacks
• Boosts Confidence        >> Read more

Nelson Mandela

April 2017

Holistic Leadership

Holistic leadership can make the world a better place. It can happen in all areas of your life — family, friends, workplace and the wider community of your neighbourhood, nation and planet. . .

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March 2017

Conversations with Angels, Archetypes & Nature Spirits

The video of the whole talk is now available.

>> Watch it here

SuccessBlog December 2016

Wrestling Demons and Transforming Paperwork

How I transformed an awful attitude …

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BabyBirdinHandVideo 18 November 2016

New Secrets of the Inner Smile Video

The whole talk given in Glastonbury has been uploaded.
>> Watch it

Blog 10 November 2016global-people

Spiritual Maturity in Times of Agitation

When the world is shaking with political upheaval it is easy to become distressed and overexcited. Unfortunately our vibrations of distress and agitation only make the situation worse.

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My Calendar

>> Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness
Findhorn College course starts 14 October

>> The Spiritual Activism of Prayer, Meditation, Healing & Presence
Virtus Lecture, Ealing Abbey Friday 27 October 7:30pm –

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