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“Spirituality, religion and faith are changing. Fundamentalism – my way or the highway – is giving way to an approach that embraces diversity.
This new person-centred spirituality supports us in discovering and deepening what works best for us, whilst giving mindful care and compassion to the world around us.
Explore this approach in my book The Power of Modern Spirituality.
For support or to go deeper look at our work in the Spiritual Companions Trust.”


Your Spiritual Health Programme will be launching in Spring next year.
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November 2018

Glastonbury Spring 2019
Spiritual Companions Course

Registration is now open for the Glastonbury intake of our pioneering diploma course in practical spirituality. More

October 2018

‘Future of Spirituality and Religion’
20 minute video of talk at Findhorn Foundation

September 2018

Ten Secrets of Psychic Protection

Everyone is sensitive to atmospheres and vibrations.  This is a normal human sensitivity. But some of us are more highly tuned than others.
Some sceptics might protest and say that it is all imaginary – made up by an overactive mind – and I reply: Did you ever rent or buy a home where you didn’t like the vibe?  More

Psychic Protection Workshop
Birmingham • Tree of Life • Saturday 2 March 2019 

August 2018

Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness

This is the first UK qualification integrating spirituality and healthcare to be fully accredited and on the Ofqual Register. (Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness)

Read my essay in the Journal of the Study of Spirituality about our groundbreaking qualification:  A New Vocational Qualification

There was also a long feature about our course last Autumn in  “The I” newspaper.

June 2018

The Spirit of Findhorn

Two decades ago I wrote a short article about the ‘Spirit of Findhorn’ for Network News. I forgot about it until a conference organiser at the Findhorn Foundation asked me whether they could reprint that article to help promote their coming Autumn conference. I replied. ‘Yes of course you can.’

Re-reading the article I quite like it still. Most of all, however, I find myself pondering how I am also in an awkward situation.  More

May 2018

Self-Care for Health Professionals

Visiting my GP a little while ago he began talking with me about his own health. This was not unusual as we had known each other for twenty years and he had read my self-help book The Endorphin Effect. He was committed to a holistic approach and believed that good medicine enabled patients into self-care.

‘If only I had practised what I preach,’ he said wryly, ‘I would have caught my own condition much earlier and probably avoided surgery. ’ More

Poo and Nirvana.

Please don’t be shocked by this question: What is the connection between poo and nirvana?
Or to put it another way, what is the connection between the state of your gut and spiritual wisdom? More

April 2018

Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness

I am proud to announce that the first twenty-seven students have just achieved this groundbreaking qualification. Congratulations to all of them. 

April 2018

New Video – The Unseen Worlds

The first talk of the Findhorn Easter Talks 2018 series. A 30-minute interview about the unseen worlds: How we sense them, how we can learn to work with them and how we can make them part of our normal life. You’ll find it here

9 January 2018

New Year’s Resolutions and the Cosmic Balance

Ninety per cent of New Year’s resolutions fail. People look forward into their lives and commit to change. Unfortunately the vast majority are sucked back into old behaviours. Little do people know that their failures are part of a grand psychological and cosmic drama . . .  More

17 December 2017

Natural Health Magazine Article

Did you know there is a wealth of evidence for the health benefits of spirituality?
Read my full article in the  December edition of Natural Health magazine

7  October 2017

BBC Radio 2 ‘Good Morning Sunday’ Reflective Moment

This is the text of the Reflective Moment broadcast on 8th October

The annual season of party political conferences has just ended and I find myself thinking:
Political parties are a bit like religions. There are strongly held beliefs, internal divisions, conflicts with those of other faiths . . .

September 2017

Spiritual Freedom Manifesto

Over thousands of years the major world religions have marginalised natural spirituality.
Knowledge of our innate connection with the wonder, mystery and energy of life has been obscured by dogma and hierarchy.
But immense shifts are happening in our global culture . . .
>> Read more

August 2017

Your Daily Bath in Paradise – Earth and Fire

What kind of spiritual education do children deserve? Or to put it another way what would you have liked when you were a child?

This question was triggered for me when I recently helped develop a personal and social health education programme (PSHE) for a large secondary school. I started to think about what I had received and not received from my parents and schooling. There were some good things but there was also an awful gap.
>> Read more

July 2017

The Rewards of Spiritual Practice

Feel the Deepest Meaning of Life
Daily spiritual practice can transform you, calm your brain, integrate your heart and breath, and soothe your gut.
Daily spiritual practice can radiate to support, inspire and fuel your friends, colleagues, family and community.
>> Read more

May 2017

Ten Top Health Benefits of Spirituality

Here I outline ten of the key benefits spiritual practice can bring to both physical and mental health.
• Live longer
• Strong Immune System
• Healthy Gut
• Less Heart Attacks
• Boosts Confidence        >> Read more

Nelson Mandela

April 2017

Holistic Leadership

Holistic leadership can make the world a better place. It can happen in all areas of your life — family, friends, workplace and the wider community of your neighbourhood, nation and planet. . .

>> Read more

March 2017

Conversations with Angels, Archetypes & Nature Spirits

The video of the whole talk is now available.

>> Watch it here

SuccessFeatured Blog from 2016

Wrestling Demons and Transforming Paperwork

How I transformed an awful attitude …

>> Read more

BabyBirdinHandVideo 18 November 2016

New Secrets of the Inner Smile Video

The whole talk given in Glastonbury has been uploaded.
>> Watch it



My Calendar

Every Thursday at 12 noon
Healing Meditation

Glastonbury Abbey • St Joseph’s Chapel

Sunday 2 December 1-day Workshop
How to Teach and Lead Meditation
London • Alternatives

Friday 1 March Evening Talk
The Future of Religion, Spirituality and Meditation
Birmingham • Tree of Life

Saturday 2 March 1-day Workshop
Psychic Protection
Birmingham • Tree of Life

Monday 25 March 7pm
Your Spiritual Health Programme launch
London • St. James’s Church, Piccadilly
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Residential week 4 – 11 May
Meditation Retreat & Masterclass
Findhorn Foundation

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