This page contains practical information for joining the Spiritual Companions course.

The Glastonbury 2016-2017 course is FULL.


If you want to apply to be on this course, please send us the following information:
(It is completely confidential and only intended to help us support you better.)

Telephone number:
Email address:

Let us have a few sentences in answer to the following questions

1. What do you hope to gain from this course?

2. What set you on the path of personal/spiritual development?

3. Who and what are your significant influences, teachers, books, events and experiences?

4. Having completed the course and gained accreditation how might you take this approach forward in your personal and work life?

5. Please describe any significant events in your physical and mental healthcare history. (We keep this information strictly confidential and need it only so that we can better support you.)

5. Are your home circumstances supportive to your doing this course? If they are challenging, please tell us.

6. We would also like to have a sense of your mainstream life and career. So if you have a recent CV that would be good or else a few words about your work life (we count parenting as work).

Either email this information, preferably as a Word document, to williamATwilliambloomDOTcom (we have written it like this to avoid spam.).


The fee for the course is £1050.00. We can if needed set up a staggered payment system for you.


For assessment and accreditation we will be using a digital portfolio system. We are therefore asking that all students be able to type on a computer keyboard and preferably bring a laptop or tablet into the weekends. In this way you will be able to fill in parts of the Portfolio during the weekend, which will make things so much easier for all of us.

If you are a technophobe please be aware that you can now get a small laptop that will do the job for under £100 and will receive warm support from us.
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