HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP The Unseen Dynamics and Communications – Saturday 27 May Glastonbury

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HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP The Unseen Dynamics and Communications – Saturday 27 May Glastonbury


This workshop is dedicated to giving you the understanding and skills to manage the powerful and unseen spiritual, energetic and psychological dynamics that are at work in groups, relationships and communications.

You will gain skills and concepts that you can immediately put into practice and share with others. These skills are transferable between formal and informal situations.

They will improve your calm, strength and positive influence. They will enable you more easily to appreciate and respond to the varied dynamics, needs and stakeholders involved in any group endeavour whilst simultaneously supporting your good health and good humour.

In any communication people are being influenced by the impact and exchange of vibrations and energies, which they unconsciously register as sensations and feelings. These trigger primal instincts and embedded behaviour, and are then translated into emotions and thoughts. This training describes exactly how this process takes place. It will teach you how to recognise the energetic dynamics and how to improve your management of them for a positive outcome.

All of this is crucial if you want to lead groups more successfully and have your communications, values and beliefs heard and taken seriously by colleagues, family and friends.

The day includes:

* Energetically prepare for groups, and projects

* The art of holding hold the group, the project, the vision and yourself

* Seen or unseen, lead with a presence that encourages and supports

* Work with the spirit, soul and archetypes of your group

* Gain the support of all possible allies

* Create energetic safety and release creativity

* Sense and manage group energies

* Welcome challenges and renegades

* First aid for dysfunctional dynamics


At the same time, it is crucial that you be able clearly to express your values and beliefs and be heard. This is absolutely necessary for your own fulfilment and to help others.

The workshop also includes:

* Have a clear psychological and energetic understanding of the unconscious dynamics of difficult communications

* Clarify values and vision

* Holistic assertiveness and communication skills

* Integrate into communication an awareness of the psychological, energetic and spiritual dynamics

* Effectively manage critics and insults

* Respond effectively to competitiveness, cynicism and aggression

This will be an enjoyable day for personal and professional development.


“I just wanted to tell you about a work-related conference I co-created along the lines you taught us on the Holistic Leadership course. The event was a great success but what made me smile inwardly were the comments of ‘this whole conference feels different’; ‘theres’ so much goodwill around’….. So a heart felt ‘thanks’ to you and the spirits at work.” Val Chamberlain, teacher educator.



Timing, Venue, Travel, Accommodation, Dress, Drinks


9:30 Registration
10:00 Starts
13:00 – 14:15 Lunch
17:00 Ends


St. Mary’s Church Hall
(Behind) St. Mary’s Church,
Magdalene Street
Somerset BA6 9EJ

The Hall entrance is in the alley way that runs down the
side of the church and into Morrison’s car park, where you can park.

The hall is reached by gentle stairs and there is no lift.


This web page contains all the relevant information:



This web page contains all the relevant information:



Relaxed and casual



We have most drinks available in the hall where you can also make your own drink.


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