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MASTERCLASS FOR EMPATHS, PSYCHICS AND SENSITIVES Why Do You Have this Gift? Sunday 18 June – Glastonbury


This day is for everyone who has a natural tendency and ability to be psychic, empathic or sensitive – and would enjoy an intelligent enquiry into your soul’s purpose in giving you this gift.

There are huge benefits to having heightened awareness. You pick up and perceive things that other people simply do not know.

There are also challenges because this sensitivity may lead to overload, despair and exhaustion.

On the one side there is a deep and instinctive wisdom. On the other side there is often a vulnerability and a lack of recognition from others.


So why did your soul choose to incarnate into a sensitive vehicle – into you?

During the day, in a spirit of companionship and respectful mutual support, we will explore and clarify these crucial issues:

Geese* What is your soul’s purpose in having this sensitivity and skill?

* The unique lessons and opportunities

* Its responsibilities and possibilities for service

* The vulnerabilities and gifts

* The challenges of discrimination and accuracy

* What is yours and what belongs to others

* The way you interpret your perceptions

* Experiencing the world wound

* Experiencing the bliss fields and mystery

* How to talk about it

* How to fully enjoy it!

The core purpose of the day is to ensure a deeper appreciation of the opportunities for spiritual growth and service that are available to you through your wonderful gift.


“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the most wonderful Masterclass for Empaths, Psychics and Sensitives. This was my first workshop with yourself and I loved every minute. Your words were inspiring, helpful and made sense of my own situation. You kept it real and you were sensitive to all those around you. It was good to be able to laugh at oneself too, as one can get so wrapped up in this gift of ours and sometimes lose the sense of what is real and what is not. But I never forget how lucky I am to have this gift, I think I can say privileged and honoured. As long as I can put it to the best use possible then I know I will have made a difference to someone. Again thank you for what I felt was a life-changing day in so many ways for me. The day for me was awesome.”  AJC, Somerset



Timing, Venue, Travel, Accommodation, Dress, Drinks


9:30 Registration
10:00 Starts
13:00 – 14:15 Lunch
17:00 Ends


St. Mary’s Church Hall
(Behind) St. Mary’s Church,
Magdalene Street
Somerset BA6 9EJ

The Hall entrance is in the alley way that runs down the
side of the church and into Morrison’s car park, where you can park.

The hall is reached by gentle stairs and there is no lift.


This web page contains all the relevant information:



This web page contains all the relevant information:



Relaxed and casual



We have most drinks available in the hall where you can also make your own drink.

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