‘Inner peace as easy as breathing.
William Bloom has an encyclopaedic
knowledge of meditation.’
The Independent

Videos of all my recent Compassion Dialogues
with really inspiring people are now available. They include:
Paul Gilbert, founder of compassion focused therapy;
Felicity Warner, pioneer of Soul Midwifery;
Robert Holden, author of Happiness Now.
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Tuesday 7 September start of 6 evening sessions
Secrets of Spiritual Health
Online – Findhorn Foundation

Saturday 1 October 10:30-12:30
Energies, Angels & Elementals
Online CANA (Christians Awakening to New Awareness)

Tuesday 11 October  7:30pm (London Time)
Compassion Dialogue with Tim Freke: Gnostic Scholar & Stand-Up Philosopher
Online – Spiritual Companions Trust

Saturday 29 October 7:00 – 9:30 pm (London time)
Shamans, Mystics and Medicine: The Secrets of Spiritual Health
Online – Theosophical Society of America

Tuesday 8 November 7:30pm (London time)
Compassion Dialogue with Avril Price: The Tarot, Psychism and Psychology
Online – Spiritual Companions Trust

Tuesday 13 December 7:30pm (London time)
Compassion Dialogue with David Spangler: Unconditional Love and Incarnational Spirituality
Online – Spiritual Companions Trust

Friday 7:30pm 17 February 2023
Deconstructing the Archetypes of Death
Online – Cambridge Jungian Society




Three Videos

Helping a Loved One Pass Over
One of three videos to reassure and support end of life care

The Secret of ‘The Secret’ & Why the Laws of Manifestation Do Not Work

The  Future of Religion & Meditation
Findhorn Foundation Talk

Free Booklets

In my role as a director of the Spiritual Companions Trust I have authored these two resources which you can download as PDFs or view online.  —>

Endorphin Effect Audio Tracks

All the guided exercises from the Endorphin Effect CD are now freely available at the bottom of this page