‘Inner peace as easy as breathing.
William Bloom has an encyclopaedic
knowledge of meditation.’
The Independent

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Tuesday 12 July 7:30pm (London time)
Soul Midwifery – Compassion Dialogue with Felicity Warner
Online Zoom

Tuesday 7 September start of 6 evening sessions
Secrets of Spiritual Health
Hosted online by Findhorn Foundation

Friday 7:30pm 17 February 2023
Deconstructing the Archetypes of Death
Cambridge Jungian Society




Three Videos

Helping a Loved One Pass Over
One of three videos to reassure and support end of life care

The Secret of ‘The Secret’ & Why the Laws of Manifestation Do Not Work

The  Future of Religion & Meditation
Findhorn Foundation Talk

Free Booklets

In my role as a director of the Spiritual Companions Trust I have authored these two resources which you can download as PDFs or view online.  —>

Endorphin Effect Audio Tracks

All the guided exercises from the Endorphin Effect CD are now freely available at the bottom of this page