Energy Healing for Victims of Rape/Sexual Abuse

Energy Healing for Victims of Rape/Sexual Abuse

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In this article I want share with you an energy healing strategy for victims of rape and sexual abuse. I developed it many years ago but never distributed it. In 2016 I had a strong inner prompting to share it now and to trust that it can be taken up appropriately.

If you feel that it has merit, please distribute it to other healers who may be able to develop it further.



When an adult or child is raped or sexually abused the etheric webbing around the sexual organs (sacral centre) may be torn and require re-weaving. If this etheric webbing is not healed the individual may experience ongoing disempowerment and, worst,  ‘leak’  sexual energy unwittingly attracting predators and bullies.

The healing strategy that I suggest here is one in which the healer enables the webbing to rest back down into its underlying template of health and integration and re-weave itself.


Thirty years ago I was in a training weekend and our group was facilitated through a thirty-minute blindfold exercise to develop trust. In the darkness we met each other and were invited to carefully explore, through touch, each others’ hands and faces. In the last of these encounters I felt a powerful surge of sexual chemistry and when we removed our blindfolds I was surprised to find I was partnering a man. Surprised because I am predominantly straight.

This man and I became friends and I later discovered that, as a child, he had been consistently sexually abused. Because of his history I surmised that he was unwittingly leaking sexual chemistry.

As a meditator and student of esoteric anatomy, I contemplated this issue for a while.

During the same period I encountered a group of women who were performing a ceremony called the ‘Reconsecration of the Womb’, a ritual developed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki for women who had been sexually abused. I was asked to participate in a couple of these ceremonies, as a symbolic representative of men in general, apologising on their behalf and asking for forgiveness. My heart was touched by these rituals and I was also curious about their psychological and more subtle benefits.

At the same time I was reading widely in the field of energy healing and was particularly impressed by ‘Esoteric Healing’ and ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ by Alice Bailey. Her books in general provide a deep and helpful exploration of esoteric anatomy.


It was during this period that I had the insight.

When an adult or child is raped or sexually abused the etheric webbing around the sexual organs (sacral centre) may be forced open and torn. It then requires re-weaving. If it is not healed the individual may experience ongoing disempowerment and worst of all ‘leak’ sexual energy unwittingly attracting predators and bullies. 

In healthy and respectful love-making there is a natural process of opening and closing to one’s partner. This also happens in mindful Tantric and Taoist practice.

Conversely in situations of sexual abuse the victim is overpowered by the abuser and the opening is forced. This forced opening obviously happens in rape. It also happens when an authority figure or someone in power sexually coerces a subordinate.

This abusive physical intrusion is mirrored in the victim’s energy field and aura. Their fascia, their meridians, their aura and their etheric webbing is penetrated and torn. There is now a gash or puncture. Sometimes it is so bad that it is virtually flapping open.

Healing this gash obviously takes time.

With time, good fortune, support, grace and healthy relationships, the webbing should naturally re-weave itself and fall back into the fabric of its template. (Remember the concept that underlying all aspects of the physical and etheric body is a template of perfect integration.)

But obviously if the positive supportive dynamics are not present, then the victims webbing may not heal and re-weave. They may now live with it permanently open.

This may leave the individual feeling incomplete, confused, disoriented and disempowered. At worst it attracts bullies and predators  who can detect the weakness and may create a cycle of further abuse.


It is possible I suggest for an energy healer to facilitate the re-weaving of this web.

I am careful here to use the term ‘facilitate’ because the healing strategy I suggest is not – I repeat not – one of radiatory healing. To enable the re-weaving of the etheric webbing we do not use any radiation or channelling of healing energy. Instead we use the strategy of co-presence and holding.

If we radiate energy into the damaged fabric it is just another excitation, stimulant and irritant. It may make things worse.

The strategy here is companionable, receptive and passive.

We are perfectly grounded, at ease and compassionately centred in our hearts.

We bring ourselves into a state of calm grace connected to the ocean of unconditional love in the universe.

We are quietly co-present with our companion.

We come into receptive and silent communion with our companion’s body.

We allow ourselves to be aware that there is a perfectly healthy etheric template underlying our companion’s body. (The body has its own wisdom.)

The safety and encouragement of our calm and compassionate presence provides a dimension in which the etheric body can heal itself.

We take our calm and compassionate awareness into the area where the etheric webbing has been abused and torn.

We softly sense-allow-visualise this damaged and open area resting back down into its underlying healthy etheric template.

We are aware of its potential for healing and re-weaving.

Our calm awareness of this potential for re-weaving is all that is needed.

We stay present for a while witnessing the process.

In conclusion we may wrap or cocoon our companion in a protective bubble of love and safety, like a tulip closing its petals at night.

We back off respectfully and pray for the Highest Good.




Q: How long does the healing last?

A: You need to feel into the appropriate timing. Five to twenty minutes.


Q: How often?

A: I don’t know. Again feel your way into the timing.

Q: What position for the client?

A: Lying down is best.


Q: May I use my hands?

A: If you have an instinct to use your hands, I suggest you place them under your companion’s body, sympathetically connecting with the underlying etheric template. Perhaps one hand under the base of the spine and the other under the heart. Or sitting at the person’s head, your hands under their head as in cranial-sacral work.

You must not do anything energetic with your hands that might excite the etheric webbing. You need it to relax, ease and sink back into its template.


Q: Does the recipient of this strategy need to know you are doing it?

A: It is always good practice to ask permission.


Q: Can you do this healing at a distance?

A: Only if you are very experienced.


Q: Is there a more shamanic or elemental approach?

A: In my opinion a shamanic approach can enhance this method of healing. The way to do this is through coming into telepathic communication with the etheric template of the body as a whole and addressing it as if it were a living creature in its own right and with its own identity. At the same time come into telepathic communication too with the elementals that form the etheric web. Have a conversation with them about the re-weaving. Be very polite, patient and respectful.


Q: What about talk therapy?

A: Talk therapy is a crucial element of healing and the method I describe here supplements it.


Q: What about trauma therapy?

A: Trauma therapy, especially the approach developed by Peter Levine, is also a crucial element of healing and the method I describe here supplements it.


Q: Why didn\t you share this strategy earlier?

A: I am not sure. I was cautious because 30 years ago I experienced many healers as being too intrusive and unaware of some of the subtleties of energy work. In recent decades there has been a massive cultural shift with thousands of people learning Reiki, spiritual healing and cranial-sacral approaches. I sense that there is now a sufficient number of experienced and wise healers who will understand the subtlety of this method.


Q: Are you, William, practising as a healer yourself and using this method?

A: I do not have a calling to be a healer although I have some healing talents. I have not practised this method since I first developed it, but I have consistently meditated on it and shared the ideas with some colleagues and students.


Q: Are you, William, interested in training people in this method or heading up a group of trainers and healers?

A: No, this is not my calling. There are many healers far more experienced than me who can take this up if they feel that it is useful. And of course I would love to hear about any projects in this field.


I hope all this is useful. If you think so, please circulate it as widely as possible.