PsychicProtectionJacket2011CHAPTER ONE
What’s the issue?
‘I have this friend who just completely drains me. Every time I see her I come away feeling that I have no energy for anything.’
‘I’m about to move into a new home and I don’t like the house’s atmosphere.’
‘When I go into business meetings I feel intimidated by the atmosphere and I freeze.’
‘We had these people stay in the flat and we really did not like the atmosphere they left behind.’
‘I have this one client and after he has left I feel as if I have some of him stuck to me.’
‘There is this person who hates me and I keep feeling that their thoughts are inside my head.’
‘I live in the country and when I visit the city, I get overwhelmed by the vibrations.’
‘I’m completely drained by travelling in the rush-hour underground.’
These are common problems. They are caused by our natural sensitivity to energies and atmospheres. To one degree or another everyone is sensitive to the atmosphere of places, objects and people. Entering a church or library, we may feel its serenity. We like particular houses because they feel good and avoid others because they feel bad. Even the most cynical of people may enter a meeting or a bar and sense immediately whether the environment is hostile or friendly. People also feel the moods of different landscapes. Atmospheres can dramatically affect how you feel and behave, without your being conscious of them. This book is dedicated to liberating you from these unseen influences and giving you the opportunity to live more consciously and creatively.
For a fulfilled and healthy life it is crucial to be able to understand and work with the vibrations which affect you, both to protect yourself and to change them. It has long been accepted in psychology that a basic need of all people is to feel both physically and psychologically safe. If you do not feel safe, it is difficult to behave with dignity, joy and creativity and to fulfil your potential. Psychic protection, therefore, makes sense for all of us. It serves no one to feel vulnerable and unable to control their emotions in new, difficult or negative atmospheres. We all need to feel confident and empowered.
This book has been written for everyone who is sensitive to atmospheres and who would like to do something creative and helpful about them. You may be a full-time parent or business person, a teacher or a salesperson, a professional carer or a plumber, a computer operator or a gardener. Whatever you do, though, you have to work with people and in places – and sometimes you will want to know the practical strategies for creatively changing atmospheres. It is no help to you or anyone else if you are wobbled off centre by particular people, situations or places, and lose your ability to behave to your and other people’s best advantage. Equally, it will serve you, your family, your colleagues and your friends in general if you also know how to create an atmosphere that helps everyone deliver their best.
In the past many societies had specialists – shamans, medicine people, mystical priests and priestesses, exorcists and so on – who understood and practised the art of changing atmospheres and creating psychic protection. My experience is, however, that almost anyone can do this ‘energy work’. The techniques are very straightforward and there is no need for knowledge about them to be kept secret or shrouded in mystery. These techniques also require no special skills or gadgets, so it is possible to practice them without being embarrassingly visible.
In this book I share these basic strategies in a way that is easy to learn and to put into practice. They require no special background knowledge or attitude so if you are completely new to this kind of information do not worry. It is all very easily learned. These techniques also do not require a great deal of time or effort. Once you understand them you will see that they are very natural, like swimming or riding a bicycle or dancing or reading.
You will also find that you can use them in all kinds of ordinary and particularly challenging situations: meetings with new or important people, in irritated post office queues, traffic jams, bars, streets at night, with angry relatives – all kinds of situations that you meet in everyday life.
The main skills I have been teaching, and which you will find explained in this book, are listed below:
* how to maintain your own psychic space in uncomfortable or intimidating situations;
* how to protect yourself against powerful personalities and against people whose energy and attitude affect you;
* how to maintain your own energy field without external interference;
* how to cleanse your home or workplace;
* how to settle the atmosphere after a row or guests, or an unwelcome situation;
* how to create a benevolent and loving vibration which you can then place in an object or space;
* how to create a general attitude and lifestyle that is energetically beneficial.
My aim is that by the end of this book, whatever your background, you will feel confident that you understand and can put these techniques into effective practice…..