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Deepak Chopra, Prince Charles and Eckhart Tolle  in Private Meeting!

Last night I was honoured and delighted to be at a private meeting brokered by Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation.

After many years of careful preparation and diplomacy Price Charles is now ready to step into his role of monarch and lead the United Kingdom into a new era of spiritual unity through diversity.

At this wonderful private meeting – and I have been entrusted with the privilege of being the first to publicise it – Deepak cooked a special ayurvedic meal assisted by renowned biologist, Rupert Sheldrake. Eckhart Tolle was also present and said grace after a friendly dispute with the new Archbishop of Canterbury who thought that it might be better coming from the head of the Anglican Communion. But HRH intervened and told the Archbishop in that it was a new age with new customs.


Her Majesty the Queen was also present. To my total astonishment I learned that she has been a closet spiritualist and trance medium for over six decades. She channels an ET known as Zlavonia the Goddess whose messages of peace and goodwill to all beings are deeply moving. Prince Philip had been highly sceptical of his wife’s psychic skills but after a private session with Caroline Myss understood the error of his ways and is now training for his Reiki masterhood.

My presence was simply in the role of scribe and I have humbly fulfilled my duty.

Yours in the True Faith of April Fools Day.

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