My workshops have been developed and improved over three decades and seek to present the very best practice in the field. I am passionately engaged in their material and am always exploring  and learning more.

The workshops are dedicated to serving your personal development in a way that is practical, psychologically insightful and socially/environmentally aware — and of course spiritually inspiring.

Each workshop provides concepts and strategies that you can use immediately and share with others.

My goal is always to take you to the very heart and essence of a subject, enabling you to fully understand and experience its core lessons and benefits.

Each weekend or day stands on its own, but taken as a whole my programme aims to give you a thorough grounding in the essentials of modern spiritual practice.

I am totally dedicated to diversity and empowering  you in your own authentic personal practice. At the same time I am also clear that our own development must always spill over into serving the world around us.

And what do I mean by the word spirituality? I mean everyone’s natural connection with the wonder and energy of life; and our instinct to explore its meaning; also our instinct to develop our hearts and minds, compassion and consciousness.

All workshops include mindfulness, guided meditations, mini-lectures, partner and small group work, feedback and discussion. CPD certification is available from my office .

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