Take some quiet time and sit or lie in a comfortable position.

Let your body just sink and drop into being at ease. Like in a deckchair; or after a satisfying meal; or looking at a favourite view.

Allow your abdomen to relax, sink and drop.

Imagine and sense your abdomen happily sinking down into the earth.

You are a strong and mature tree. With deep roots. A strong, thick trunk.

Enjoy a feeling of sinking down into the earth and being part of this large, warm and nurturing mother planet

Become aware now of your branches and your foliage.

With the turn of the weather and the rhythm of the seasons, you have hardly noticed that your leaves have turned from green to gold and are being carried by the wind and falling to the ground.

Sense that these golden leaves are old thoughts and feelings that you no longer need.

Let them go.

Enjoy how easily they are released.

Welcome the coming Winter.

Allow yourself to be nurtured.

Know that a new expansion will come in the Spring.

*   *   *


And here is a relevant quotation which you might also appreciate, from Alice Bailey’s Discipleship in the New Age Vol 1.

The past has gone.

I am that past.

It makes me what I am.

The future comes.

I also am the coming destiny and, therefore, I am that.

The present flows from out the past.

The future colors that which is.

I make the future also by my present knowledge of the past

And the beauty of the present.

And therefore I am that I am.