Here are a few reminders and hints about holistic leadership that you might find helpful.  They can support you in all kinds of projects: family, business, community, non-profits. They are what many good people do instinctively.

Next time you want to influence or lead a project you might experiment with them. They add important dimensions.

Remember that 95% of your work is done in advance and is to do with your attitude and inner experience.

Your advance work is always done in a calm and reflective space, as if you were relaxed in a sun-lounger. Your body is at ease.

Slowly, warmly and welcomingly bring into your mind and heart all the people, known and unknown, now and into the future, who will be part of your project.
Greet their souls. Greet the souls of everyone: colleagues, customers, partners, neighbours, investors, opponents, clients, families, relatives — everyone!
Connect with them warmly.
Do this often.

Slowly, warmly and welcomingly bring into your mind and heart all the people, beings and stakeholders who will benefit from the fulfilment of your project. Greet their souls and feel their support.

Clarify, articulate and feel passionate about your highest values.
Check that your project is congruent with your values.
Spend time contemplating and appreciating the congruence.

Slowly, warmly and welcomingly tune into the invisible spiritual energies, beings, archetypes, spirits, angels that might be associated with your project. Call them in. Feel their support.

Slowly, warmly and welcomingly contemplate, feel and celebrate the perfect fulfilment of your project. Feel grateful. Give thanks.

Do all of these often several times a day so that they become part of your ongoing daily consciousness.

And then? And then of course you have to ground your project in actual actions! That requires another set of skills that include communications, adaptability, perseverance and so on.

I hope those hints are helpful.