The Black Hole of Anxiety

A while ago I knew one of the richest men in Europe. He owned large areas of his nation’s capital city as well as several stately homes, farms and forestland. I was with him once when he went through a temporary financial crisis and instead of borrowing some money against his considerable assets, he decided to sell one of his houses. This house was worth only a fraction of his total fortune. Nevertheless he went into an infantile tailspin of anxiety and rage in which he felt that his whole life was threatened.
This wealthy man was not only dealing with his own personal fears. He had also connected with an energy field that a friend and I once named the black hole of financial anxiety. Most people have connected with this horrible energy at one time or another. You go into financial panic. You sweat. You feel faint. You may even actually faint. It might have happened when you received a bill you did not expect or when a bank statement did not make sense to you. It is a common experience and very unpleasant.
The power of the black hole of anxiety comes from the fact that it has been created over many thousands of years and it contains humanity’s mass fears around money and survival. Having no money may have terrible and very real consequences: death, starvation, victim to others power, corruption, prostitution, shame, failure, worthlessness and so on. All these emotions, felt powerfully by millions of human beings over thousands of years have created this enormous energy field of panic and fear.
When you personally experience some natural anxiety around your financial situation, you may unwittingly and unfortunately connect yourself through the law of resonance and attraction with that greater energy field. Suddenly your small personal fear is flooded with an overwhelming panic that is not yours, but that belongs to the human collective. Billionaire or pauper, people may plug themselves into this resonance and have a terrible experience.
The solution to this connection? If and when it happens to you, pause and calm yourself. Recognise that the sensation of overwhelming panic is not yours but belongs to the whole of humanity. Be still. Come to centre. Breathe. Pray that this piece of collective karma be healed. Bless it.
Its All in Your Mind
Let us take another perspective. There is a famous visualisation exercise for prosperity, which begins with you going into a calm state. In this relaxed space you contemplate what it is like to have millions of pounds as much money as you want. Enough for many wonderful homes around the world. Extraordinary views. Fantastic comfort. You can be a public benefactor, start charities and finance global healing.
You spend a long time in this relaxed state enjoying your dream of prosperity. You are then asked to notice all the body sensations and feelings that go with it. The relaxation and warmth. The confidence and safety. And so on. You write down all your feelings detail by detail and share with a partner who has also just done the same exercise. Then the coach asks:
Did you enjoy the visualisation and the feelings?
Oh yes! says everyone.
And, says the trainer, you want money in order to feel that way? Is that right?
You and everyone else shout, Yes!
Well you can have all those feelings without the money! You just had them! Its all in your mind!
Some Facts
Most people want money in order to feel safe and happy. But we see billionaires who are financially anxious and paupers who are content. Where do you want to be on this spectrum? Rich and anxious? Poor and happy? Or a bit of both? Or even rich and spiritual?
So lets face the facts. There is material financial success. And there is a spiritual sense of prosperity. They are not the same. They are two separate realities. One is material and the other is psychological/spiritual.
Lets face more facts. If we want money, we have to work hard and consistently for it. We have to put ourselves in the kinds of situation where a high salary, income stream or profits are possible and then go for it with endurance and persistence.
If you think that by using law-of-attraction exercises you will win a jackpot or that a nice person will give you a fortune, then you are not being realistic. In my opinion, that kind of naivite does not serve you or anyone. But I still wish you good luck.
People make money through hard work in the right situation. (And, yes, there are a few lucky fat cats who get there without working, but they are very rare and, in my experience, usually have an uncomfortable karma which does not deliver them happiness. You don’t want that, do you?)
Achieving a true sense of spiritual prosperity and psychological contentment is, however, available to you. Right now. In this moment. For free. Donated by the flowing and benevolent spirit of the universe.
How do we get it? It goes something like this: First be open to receiving it. Then surrender! Surrender and yield yourself to compassion, love, wisdom, enlightenment and divine power and spiritual abundance is yours. Surrender to the Flow. I have no hesitation in recommending this to you!
And if you choose also to work hard to make money, then that is great too.
But, whatever your material wealth, manage your finances with dignity and generosity.
Also be realistic and know that at the end of the day, you cant take money with you but that love is eternal.
Go well.