Some thoughts about the fall of Atlantis and the echoes that we may still feel from it today. (The image is of the Grianan of Aileach in NW Ireland.)

These thoughts were triggered a few weeks ago when I was in a London hotel room on a Saturday night, resting in the middle of teaching a weekend workshop. I find it easy to relax with television and I found two programmes that I wanted to watch. One was the X-Factor, which I watch week by week with my family. The other was a very moving documentary about a group of autistic children rehearsing to put on a musical. For ninety minutes I shifted between the two programmes and watched them both simultaneously. (For those of you who do not like television, what can I say?)

I did not, however, do this multi-viewing mindlessly, but was aware of strange similarities between the two programmes — in particular fragile egos doing their best before a public audience. I was also aware of the technology and thankful for it, which made me think of Atlantis.


There is a theory that the same souls who developed Atlantean crystal technology also, many thousands of years later, developed the similar technology, which today supports radios, television, telephones and computers. Atlantean technology and today’s information technology are also similar in having created a global web of communications. (Whimsical comment: why do so many computer geeks look like bearded mythological creatures and play strange fantasy games?)

Of course, some people don’t believe in Atlantis. The last time I mentioned Atlantis in an article one friend, who is into many spiritual approaches, said, ‘You’ve gone too far. Mad!’

I had various lines of argument that I could have employed with him:

In all myths and legends, there is a grain of reality

There all these strange buildings being found on the sea bed

The impossibility of humanity evolving to this stage in just a few thousand years

The repeated memories of Atlantis that arise in therapy and spontaneous regression

The psychic and clairvoyant perceptions of it

I did not mention any of those. I only said: If Atlantis was real for one of the founders of western civilisation, Plato, then it’s real enough for me.


Over the years I have been in several landscapes where I have been overwhelmed with psychic impressions of a previous civilisation. A couple of years ago I wrote about the vast landscape temple of the Venice lagoon and how that space may have been used in Atlantean times for huge theatrical ceremonies and rituals. The astral gods, goddesses and mythic beings that took part in those rites still seem to inhabit Venice, which partly explains the extraordinary atmosphere and magic that people experience when they visit the city.

In the British Isles you can, in my experience, find similar echoes in certain places. The Griannan of Aileach in Donegal stands out for me. This circular monument on the top of a hill stands at the centre of a landscape temple, like the best seat in a theatre, next to an expanse of water — and across the water, if you have the senses, you may discern the presence of great beings who carry a haunting and beautiful atmosphere. All along the coast of California, Oregon and Washington, I have also felt the vibration of these sirens. For two years I lived high up in the Atlas Mountains of southern Morocco alongside the Sahara Berbers who are said to be direct descendants of the last Atlanteans.

Whenever I encounter these echoes of Atlantis, I am touched and haunted by their strange beauty. For me, it is like the sound of the whales calling across hundreds of miles of water. I feel joy and a strange grief.


According to myth and legend, Atlantis was a wonderful era spread across many continents. Its arts and its religion are reputed to have been spectacularly beautiful, and many of its people knew how to work artistically with spirits and angels. This psychic work was so developed that a whole world of beautiful and extraordinary beings became engaged co-creatively with humanity.

At the same time, humanity’s baser instincts were not well managed in Atlantis. Ego and power trips became rampant. Many cults became interested only in glamour, power and illusion. The vibrations of this negative and deluded culture became so great and terrible that Earth herself could no longer tolerate them. In reaction, there were terrible earth changes and the landmasses that supported Atlantis sank into the sea, mythically remembered in memories of the great Flood.

Looking around today, it often seems to me that I can discern waves from that terrible fall, which still affect us. All those souls who were in Atlantis at the time will have memories, mainly unconscious, of that awful disaster. Especially if they enjoyed the fruits of its beautiful psychic culture, they will have a haunting sense of grief for a paradise lost. There was never an opportunity to grieve the loss of that beauty.

There are other souls who were in Atlantis, who never fully experienced its beauty, but only the negativity and the trauma of its fall. The memories of that trauma express themselves today, it often seems to me, in a subtle form of hysteria that may be triggered by any idea that the world is about to end. Innocently unaware of their emotions’ true source in the tragic fall of Atlantis, their unconscious memory and trauma are projected on to a future event. Their concern and anxiety about what will happen, has in fact already happened.

This old energy field and memory of a global disaster are reinforced too, in my opinion, by the vibrational horror of the two World Wars, the ensuing Cold War with its threat of nuclear holocaust and the many minor wars and awful genocides that have also taken place. It makes sense that people will connect with that whole disastrous and frightening atmosphere and assume it will happen again — like someone who has been bitten by a dog and then feels the same fear around all dogs. It will happen again, is the communication from their unconscious minds.

Only when we have recovered our true history and understand the way that people resonate with energy fields, will many things become more clear.

For the record, I want to assert that my general intuition is that all is well and that we will pass through the next decades without any kind of disaster that resembles either the fall of Atlantis or the World Wars. It will, I imagine, be an uncomfortable passage as we work through the profoundly negative effects of celebrity culture and mindless global capitalism  — but, in my opinion, in my heart and my gut, I feel that all will be well. I will carry on enjoying television and trust that my head is not buried in the sand but mindfully optimistic.