Soaking (2:17)

Soaking is an enjoyable and easy strategy that supports your health and wellbeing.

‘Soaking’ means: Whenever you feel anything good, no matter how slight, let it in.

This is the same experience as when you are enjoying a bath. There is that moment when you could just get out of the bath . . . Or . . . You chose to stay in it and really enjoy it.

You let your body relax in the enjoyment of the warm water.

This is similar too to when you receive a massage or friendly touch. There is a moment when you can chose to yield. You yield and surrender to the good feeling.

You let yourself absorb the enjoyable sensation — a bit like a sponge absorbing warm water.

You can do this every time you have an experience of enjoying something, no matter how slight.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

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