Your hearts may be touched by natural and man-made disasters in which many children, women and men are killed.

If you have a contemplative, meditation or prayer practice, then you may feel called to give inner support. You may feel called to help the souls of those killed and lost in the chaos. They may require some assistance to make a graceful transition across into the clear light for the next stages of their journey.

This short blog is just a reminder of some basic principles.

  • Only do this form of inner work when you yourself are completely calm and grounded, and feel connected to wonder and energy, love and grace.
  • Softly open your heart and psyche. Allow yourself to scan the geography and the situation.
  • Be prepared to feel empathically some of the suffering and panic, yet stay strong and compassionate.
  • With warmth and reassuring kindness greet the souls who are lost in the chaos.
  • Have a clear and joyful sense of the energy of the realms beyond our material Earth, of the clear light. Especially for the souls of the children, have a sense that the realms of clear light are filled with fun and play. We want to create a passage across into the clear light that is magnetic and attractive. What will irresistibly attract souls across? Allow your creative imagination some freedom here.
  • Sense the lost souls gracefully making the transition.
  • Acknowledge the presence of and feel grateful for the help of other compassionate beings. Ask for their help.
  • When you feel you have done enough of this work – it comes in waves – remember to ground fully, close yourself down (like a tulip closing its petals at night) and give yourself some compassionate care too.