SC Logo 2016With trusted friends and colleagues I am very proud to have developed and founded the Spiritual Companions Trust.

The Spiritual Companions Trust is an educational charity that develops resources and delivers programmes at the interface of health, wellbeing and spirituality.

We celebrate diversity and welcome people from all spiritual traditions and none at all.
Our emblem is a feather on water. Our work requires care and sensitive awareness — a light touch.

We are dedicated to supporting people in a  person-centred and holistic approach to spirituality and we deliver this through:

  • Courses
  • Community
  • One-to-one and small groups
  • Organisational Trainings and Consultancy
  • Continuing professional Development (CPD) trainings.

All Spiritual Companions adhere to the Spiritual Companions Guidelines. We are not aligned with any particular faith and our members tend to belong to that section of society which may label itself as ‘spiritual but not necessarily religious’ . We welcome people from all faiths and none.


Spiritual Companions evolved from a series of experimental courses run by William Bloom in the 1990s. These courses were titled the Open Mystery School and were based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly. Their purpose was to understand the core practices at the heart of all spiritual approaches, but free of their particular beliefs, myths and symbolism.

A group of two hundred interested people then responded to drafts around how the essence of spiritual practice might be described, which resulted in the Spiritual Companions Guidelines.

In 2006 Spiritual Companions Educator, Kate Bird, and William Bloom wrote a 10 Session course ‘Introduction to Contemporary Spirituality.’ This course was trialled in twelve adult education centres.

The first Spiritual Companions course was run in 2006. In 2009 the Mangreen Centre near Norwich also began to deliver Spiritual Companions courses. At the time of writing nine SC educators are delivering SC courses across the United Kingdom.

Originally Spiritual Companions was a project under the umbrella of the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality cic. In February 2014 the Spiritual Companions Trust acquired its own legal status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).


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