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Given at the Bristol Psychotherapy Association to a small group of 50 counsellors and therapists on 2 June 2014. This is an edited version 36 minutes long.

I really enjoyed the evening. It was a very warm, open and intelligent group. After the talk we had an engaging and useful discussion that wasn’t filmed. We continued to explore the spectrum between
Relieving Suffering < ——-> Enabling Wake Up

And we also looked at the power dynamics between the helper and the helped. The ideal spiritual model is one of being alongside one’s companion, a fellow traveller.

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  1. dianne October 5, 2016 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    I think it’s interesting that the discussion with this group was not filmed. I see no sensible reason why this needs to be the case?
    In my view the worst aspects of psychotherapist practice is encouraged when transparency is denied a prominent place.
    Do you see what I mean?
    I am saying that ‘authenticity’ in relationship between therapist and client/patient is the most important value, and there is far too much mystique around the therapeutic process.
    This can be very destructive as it compromises honesty and reality.
    Honesty and reality are vital to mental health.
    The lack of these qualities and open expression of them, is often what can create in a client confusion and consequent trauma.

    William responds: The short group discussion was not recorded because there were no extra microphones. It was videoed in a very amateur way. Sorry.

    • dianne October 5, 2016 at 9:46 pm - Reply

      Ah, I didn’t know of course that that was the reason. Thank you for explaining that.
      I was very interested in your explanation about the bridging purpose of the term ‘spirituality.’ That’s funny because I know that is exactly why I use the term about myself rather than defining myself as being in any way sectarian of even ‘atheist’! I actually don’t know what to say I am – which seems to me to be the most valid description of what is ‘real’ in us?
      I think psychotherapy, since it generally includes ‘narrative’ can end up exacerbating a person’s suffering. I notice in your book ‘Feeling Safe’ that you say that some empaths often feel the world’s woes and what might seem to the therapist as ‘over dramatization’ can be simply that the person is channelling a great deal of emotional and mental disturbance (energies). I wonder whether therefore those who are labelled as ‘histrionic’ personality disorders, i.e. Borderline PDs may in face simply be hypersensitive to others’ energies as well as in tandem with that, extremely vulnerable themselves. BPDs get a very bad press! yet often are able to see many more points of view than most people, move in and out of moods (and possibly dimensions too – many have transpersonal experiences) and can be very creative indeed. You say your father was a psychiatrist. I have had many of them and in general have not found them to be at all helpful as they cannot comprehend my ‘world’….and jump to conclusions that result in discounting, if not quite hurtful criticism of motive which is frequently totally inaccurate. I wish I wish I wish mental health workers – the system in general, would focus much more on spiritual aspects of our lives as you have described so clearly in this video.

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