Book Cover Working with Angels by William Bloom
In Working with Angels bestselling author and teacher Dr William Bloom presents reveals a world that lies behind everyday reality and shows you how to co-operate with these invisible beings of energy who are a fundamental part of every aspect of our lives.


  • How to sense angels and spirits and communicate with them
  • How to co-operate with this inner world for inspiration and guidance
  • How to work with angels for healing and spiritual growth
  • How they can help you fulfil yourself and help others
  • How they can bring you a deeper understanding of all aspects of life.

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‘Absolutely terrific book. Little masterpiece. In this enchanting book, William Bloom shares historic and personal details about the mythic existence and contemporary reality of our invisible spiritual friends with whom we share this planet. I highly recommend this book for several reasons, but most of all because I am grateful that someone finally took up the task of separating new age nonsense from spiritual reality.’
Caroline Myss PhD, author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

‘With each new book, William Bloom continues to enhance his position as one of the finest modern writers on spiritual themes. This book can only further his reputation. Working with Angels is outstanding both for its insights, its loving wisdom, and its clear, simple instructions for working with angelic beings. I have every expectation that it will become a classic in its field. I recommend it without reservation.’
David Spangler, author of Everyday Miracles

‘In a moving, candid and funny book, [William Bloom] gives crystal-clear information about the hidden forces that shape our reality, and combines intuition and intellect in opening to the angelic realms. Packed with fascinating anecdotes from his wealth of personal experience, he makes working with angels seem as ordinary  and as essential  as brushing our teeth. Brilliant. I loved it!’
Gill Edwards, author of Living Magically and Stepping Into the Magic

‘Before my own perceptions of the elemental and angel world were clear enough, I got a sense of their presence through William Bloom’s teaching and writing. It is wonderful that his new book has such a range of exercises. It is time for everybody to exercise communication with these subtle worlds!’
Marko Pogacnik, author of Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature

˜William Bloom writes clearly and persuasively of parallel worlds which exist side by side with ordinary reality, but which the vast majority of us have been taught successfully to block out of our awareness. He has a unique ability to make the mysterious accessible and understandable. He leads readers far into the subtle realms while making sure we keep our feet on the ground.’
Leo Rutherford, founder of Eagle’s Wing School of Shamanic Studies and author of Elements of Shamanism

‘Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits is not a book that fos- ters escapism or romance. William Bloom reminds us of the spirit world, and the inherent help, beauty and magic that is available to us in both mysterious and practical ways.’
Angeles Arrien PhD, cultural anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

‘Joyfully easy to read and follow, Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits filled in gaps in my own understanding. William Bloom provides concrete and comprehensive explanations of the world of spirit; and gives helpful suggestions for how we our- selves can contact the angels and spirits. He shows how what seems to be empty space is filled with energetic life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – life that is part of a loving and understandable universe, a marvellously coherent universe.’
Dorothy Maclean, author of To Hear the Angels Sing and Choices of Love


From a reader:

This is a heartfelt “THANK YOU!”

All my life I have been aware of and participatory with the spirit energies around me, but reluctant to talk about it with many people. I have close friends who share this but until reading your book “Working with Angels, Faeries and Nature Spirits” I had a difficult time talking about it or feeling how truly normal and natural this is!

So many people talking and writing in this area come across (at least to me) as seeking out experience to take them out of our physical existence into what they see as a ‘higher realm’ but without the ability to connect spirit energy firmly in this life on this planet.You quite clearly have integrated all the experience and understanding you’ve gained into a whole view and a lived experience. I am sharing this book with my sister now after she recently told me that her smaller children have been relating to the nature spirits and building places to honor them in the woods around their home.

Several months ago my art studio became infused with a guiding spirit who has completely transformed the way I relate to and create art. This after being an artist for over 30 years and feeling I had still not connected fully with a deeper relationship to the sacred in my work. Now I feel it as a relationship and a guided play that is helping specific forms to manifest. I have literally felt that my Art Angel is using my hands to make gifts for other people.A few months ago I had an “Open Studio” and was astonished to watch what happened as people walked into my studio. Their faces began to glow, they lit up and did not want to leave — several people went directly to specific pieces and said to me “This is mine.” Some wanted me to come to their homes to find the right place in their environment for their gift. I have come to see that I don’t need to know who the gift is for or why it’s theirs in order to create it with the help of the beautiful spirit in my art space.

This is a revelation that has freed me from all the ridiculous ‘artistic ego’ notions about what I am doing — I have to move my studio space in April and after reading your book I have a much better feeling about that. I know that the spirit energy helping me is not tied just to this particular place (although I do feel it’s qualities helped invite her!) and that I can ask ‘her’ to come with me!So – again – thank you so much and I look forward to deepening my own relationship with the help of your book. And will definitely be sharing it with other friends.Grateful blessings to you!
Elaine Treadwell

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