Book Cover Psychic Protection by William Bloom
This is the definitive classic on psychic protection, now in its 23rd reprint.

Translated into: Bulgarian, complex Chinese, simplified Chinese, Croat, Danish, Dutch, German, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish.

Are you sensitive to negative energies and atmospheres?

Do you meet people who leave you feeling drained?

Do you want a better ambience in your home or workplace?

With simple strategies that will work for anyone, Psychic Protection shows you how to:

* Maintain your own psychic space in uncomfortable and intimidating situations

* Feel confident and protected when coming into contact with aggressive personalities

* Cleanse your home and workplace

* Create positive vibrations for people, places and objects

* Settle an atmosphere after a row or an unwelcome encounter

* Generate a positive energy which will make you happier, more confident and more successful in everything you do

PSYCHIC PROTECTION will help you to create an oasis of self-confidence and goodwill in this challenging world.

“Gives you that power to change the atmosphere around you so that you can deliver your best.” DAILY MAIL

Chapter Titles for ‘Psychic Protection’

1 The background
2 Earth, body and breath
3 Protection
4 Cleansing
5 Blessing
6 Happiness, confidence and success
7 Evil, fear and advanced cleansing techniques
8 Spiritual rules: attitude, karma and grace
9 You can make a difference

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