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ENDORPHIN BOOK JACKETEndorphins are the miracle hormones found in everybody that kill pain, provide the foundation for good health and create physical sensations of enjoyment. They are responsible for the euphoria of athletes and the pleasure of lovemaking.

In The Endorphin Effect Dr William Bloom, Britain’s leading holistic teacher, presents a major breakthrough in the field of healthcare and personal development. Based in cutting edge discoveries from medical science, he reveals a revolutionary method that produces endorphins whenever you want and gives you access to an infinite supply of health-giving vitality and energy. This then provides the powerful foundation for an easy and effective programme of healing and self-improvement that can be used in every area of your life.

“This fascinating book reveals another dimension in healing ourselves, triggered by our own initiative. Intriguing and compelling.” Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“The Endorphin Effect is practical, powerfully inspirational and immediately applicable to just about anybody. The techniques it teaches can improve health on both an emotional and physical level while enhancing the quality of your life. I love this book in no small part because of the wisdom and deep love of life which pours forth from every chapter.” Leslie Kenton

* Simple and effortless programme

* Lasting endorphin production

* Can be used immediately

* Works brilliantly even when exhausted or in crisis

* Better relationships, greater fulfilment

“The Endorphin Effect is a brilliant, mature, and enlightening book that offers readers an opportunity to understand the awesome power that is contributed to the biology of the human body through endorphins. In this superb text, William Bloom provides very engaging insights into the effect that endorphins have upon our emotions and higher states of consciousness. This book is an inspiration, if only to make you realise that being a positive individual generates more power than you realise.” Caroline M. Myss author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal.

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