With the greatest respect for the suffering, losses and anxiety caused by Covid and the lockdowns, there have nevertheless been benefits.  In particular, to the surprise of many, there have been ecological, social and spiritual benefits especially with the increased use of online meetings and communications.

I know many technophobes whose dislike of the digital world has been transformed.  

The ecological and social reasons are obvious.

Pollution has been substantially reduced by the limitations on travel and increased online meetings. I pray that our skies will remain so blue. This has been a definite green win.

Less travel has also produced another public good, which is the strengthening of local communities due to a lessening of the number of people travelling into inner cities for work.

Psychologically the blessing has been twofold. First, online meetings are far better than no meetings at all and have introduced many people, previously separated by distance or technophobia, to the connections available in the digital ecosystem. This has created new layers of community.

Second, online meetings have proved easier for many people who are introvert, shy or anxious in real-life social or work gatherings, where they may be intimidated by those who are noisy, pushy or hog the airtime. The device screen provides a filtering distance, as do the tools of mute and invisibility. There is also an equality: everyone’s image is the same size. Introvert friends have told me how comfortable they are in online meetings.


Then there has been the pleasant surprise of those who are empathic, sensitive or psychic, particularly healers and meditators.

Historically there were always people who did distant healing and meditation and could sense the subtle connections and changes in vibration. In the online meditations, trainings and workshops now available, this sense of subtle energies has been amplified. Many of my colleagues and students have commented on how strongly they sense these energies when working online. Personally I find it easy, graceful and rewarding to work in this dimension.

It is as if the planet’s energetic network — of prana and qi — has been made more tangible. Is this an evolutionary step forward for Gaia and humanity?

Some of you may remember the core concept of Peter Russell’s book The Global Brain.

The opening paragraph of the Wikipedia article on the Global Brain reads:

‘The global brain is a neuroscience-inspired and futurological vision of the planetary information and communications technology network that interconnects all humans and their technological artifacts.  As this network stores ever more information, takes over ever more functions of coordination and communication from traditional organizations, and becomes increasingly intelligent, it increasingly plays the role of a brain for the planet Earth.’

This reflects one of the core tenets of esoteric philosophy and ancient wisdom, which suggests that our planet and solar system are beings in their own right, entities on their own paths of growth and development.

What I want to underline here, following the concept of the global brain, is that the energy network of the planet is coming more fully alive.

This approach is also shamanic and elemental.

Water is inhabited by undines. Air by sylphs. Fire by salamanders. So too the worldwide web of electromagnetic connections can be seen as vibrant with its own life —elementals of telepathy and energetic connection.

Over the last year, therefore, we could suggest that there has been a new evolutionary convergence of human consciousness with the worldwide web of electromagnetic connections.

To put this another way, the global brain is no longer just a technical artefact. It is now filled with the subtle vibrations of human consciousness.

And it is worth noting that all of this — humanity and technology — emerges from Gaia.

Perhaps Gaia knows exactly what she is doing.


Perhaps humanity is achieving a new level of sensitivity and telepathic rapport.

But if that is the case then the global brain needs to be balanced by the heart.

The new sensitivity needs to be fully grounded in ethics and compassion  — in a dynamic dedication to green healing, inclusivity and social justice.

Then all the challenges of the last year may prove to have been a blessing in disguise.

As always, the transformation relies on and begins with us.


Wishing you and all beings a wonderful New Year.