Positive Triggers (3:40)

Thinking about the all the things you like and love sends reassuring messages through your physiology, supporting your health and wellbeing.

Just thinking about what you like can be as good as doing it in real life.

It is important therefore to be mindful of what it is that you like and enjoy.

You might find it useful to make some lists of the things you like:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Places
  • Memories
  • Activities
  • Films, TV programmes, books, paintings, art
  • Colours, sounds, tastes, textures

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Community: Friends, Animals and Nature (1:10)

Spending time with people and animals you like is an enjoyable way to support your health and wellbeing.

When you hang out with a community of friends or colleagues an unconscious primal response is triggered. Your survival instincts are calmed down as you spend time in a safe and enjoyable environment. Physiologically and psychologically there are great benefits.

Many people find their community in nature or with animals. Never underestimate the value of pets . . . or your garden . . . or a park.

Where do you find your community?

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Nature Heals (3:58)

Connecting with the natural world can be a crucial element in supporting your health.

This can be as simple as looking out of the window at the sky and clouds. Or holding a rock. Or smelling a flower.

Or if you can, get outside and be in nature.

This benefits physical and psychological health.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Deckchair Moments (1:58)

Let your abdomen and stomach drop. Breathe softly. Ahh. This is the same as chilling in a deckchair.

Your body knows how to rest and drop down into a ‘deckchair moment’. It has been doing it naturally since you were born.

Taking a Deckchair Moment is an easy and wonderfully effective strategy for supporting your health and wellness.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Quiet Time Alone (2:05)

Taking some quiet time alone is fantastically supportive of your health and wellbeing. Everyone benefits from a few moments to themselves.

Sometimes just a quite minute alone is enough to calm ragged nerves. A few minutes is even better.

Taking the morning off or even a whole day can substantially shift your body’s chemistry and take it out of stress and exhaustion. You come back refreshed and better able to care.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Breathe Softly (1:54)

Soften your breath and your whole body benefits.

When you soften your breath signals are triggered in your neuro-endocrinal system that spread throughout your body.

Your heart beat integrates. Your tissue relaxes. Hormones of stress are reduced. Your stomach and gut calm.

The more you do it the easier it gets.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.