The Science and Health Benefits of Self-Care (3:11)

This video gives an overview of the science and health benefits of the Everyone Cares self-care strategies.

All the strategies influence your body’s neuro-endocrinal system helping to reduce tissue tension, integrate your heart beat and breath, and calm your gut and stomach.

All of this provides a stronger foundation for your general health and wellbeing.

There is also the psychological benefit that comes from taking charge and choosing to self-manage your wellbeing.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Soaking (2:17)

Soaking is an enjoyable and easy strategy that supports your health and wellbeing.

‘Soaking’ means: Whenever you feel anything good, no matter how slight, let it in.

This is the same experience as when you are enjoying a bath. There is that moment when you could just get out of the bath . . . Or . . . You chose to stay in it and really enjoy it.

You let your body relax in the enjoyment of the warm water.

This is similar too to when you receive a massage or friendly touch. There is a moment when you can chose to yield. You yield and surrender to the good feeling.

You let yourself absorb the enjoyable sensation a bit like a sponge absorbing warm water.

You can do this every time you have an experience of enjoying something, no matter how slight.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

One Brain Cell (3:10)

When exhausted or down all you need to do is switch on just one brain cell to focus on self-care.

So there you are feeling down. Inside your mind you switch on just one brain cell and this one brain cell chooses to do one of the Everyone Cares strategies: think of something you like – connect with nature – give yourself some care through the Inner Smile – be with people or animals you love.

Only one brain cell is needed. This is like a single candle lit in darkness.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.


Guided Inner Smile Exercise (7:29)


This video guides you through doing the wonderful Inner Smile exercise. It takes you stage by stage through the process of how to send caring messages through your neuro-endocrinal system. This benefits all aspects of your health.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

The Inner Smile (6:32)

The Inner Smile is a wonderful exercise for supporting your health and wellness, sending messages of care and reassurance directly through your nervous system.

This video also explains some of the science behind how the Inner Smile works.

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.

Positive Triggers (3:40)

Thinking about the all the things you like and love sends reassuring messages through your physiology, supporting your health and wellbeing.

Just thinking about what you like can be as good as doing it in real life.

It is important therefore to be mindful of what it is that you like and enjoy.

You might find it useful to make some lists of the things you like:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Places
  • Memories
  • Activities
  • Films, TV programmes, books, paintings, art
  • Colours, sounds, tastes, textures

This video was made for the Everyone Cares project.