Spirituality and Psychotherapy video (36:00)

Given at the Bristol Psychotherapy Association to a small group of 50 counsellors and therapists on 2 June 2014. This is an edited version 36 minutes long.

I really enjoyed the evening. It was a very warm, open and intelligent group. After the talk we had an engaging and useful discussion that wasn’t filmed. We continued to explore the spectrum between
Relieving Suffering < ——-> Enabling Wake Up

And we also looked at the power dynamics between the helper and the helped. The ideal spiritual model is one of being alongside one’s companion, a fellow traveller.

Psychic Protection – Masterclass Video

Glastonbury 2016

This Psychic Protection class based on the bestselling book Psychic Protection is for experienced practitioners and beginners. Filled with practical exercises and great insights, it will help you maintain your strength and centre in disturbing vibrations.
This Psychic Protection presentation is divided into three sections:

  1. Protecting your body’s nervous system, endocrine system, etc
  2. Protecting your energy field and aura. Protection in emergencies.
  3. Lessons and insights.

It provides useful information, insights and practical hints for educators, coaches, body therapists and counsellors who are engaged in energy work and transpersonal psychology.