Glastonbury Town Hall – 7:30pm Wednesday  16 November


As many of you know I rate the Inner Smile as the most effective self-healing meditation and mind-body strategy. It can benefit everyone.

Its powerful physiological and psychological effects cascade through the body improving physical and mental health, and awakening compassion.

This technique is usually associated with Taoist meditation practice, Qi Gung and internal martial arts. But I first learned it as a young man in the Jewish mystical tradition of Kaballah. I practiced an exercise in which we visualized and worked with an internal Tree of Life giving it positive energy.

I then found the same exercise taught in many different Tree of Life traditions around the world as well as those mystical schools which use symbols such as the Chalice, Cauldron, Pot and Grail.

It was only in my forties when I learned Tai Chi and Qi Gung that I came across the eastern teaching of the Inner Smile. And then around the same time I began to study the precise biology and psychology – psychoneuroimmunology – of how it works, which I presented in my book The Endorphin Effect. And that understanding is still developing.

cultivating-the-dantian-illustration copyIn my presentation I will show you the essence of this wonderful exercise and exactly how to practice it. Anyone can do it.

We just need to be shown it using an accessible and user-friendly approach.

Bring friends and anyone interested in managing their own health and wellbeing.

Entrance £5 (includes refreshments). Pay on the door.  Host: Samia   Telephone: 0793 0007419

How to Teach and Lead Meditation

reclining buddhaEnjoy an inspiring and reflective oasis. Improve the quality of your presence and your skills. One of Britain’s most experienced mind-body-spirit educators, with over thirty years of training people in this area, will share the core concepts and strategies for leading people into silence.

During this day you will be given a holistic and modern perspective on the major meditation forms. These include Vippasana, Zen, mindfulness, TM, guided visualizations, mantras, mandalas, raja and agni yoga, journeying, seed thoughts, inner dialogue, deep relaxation, healing and prayer.

You will clarify the chemistry, psychology and health benefits of meditation.

You will learn how to

* Prepare for leading and teaching

* Clarify the purpose of the meditation

* Guide the meditation

* Use appropriate words and tone

* Enable grounding, posture and breath

* Close the session.

We know that groups and individuals gain great benefits from quiet time.

This is a crucial training if you have a calling to lead people into calm space.