Meditation and the Spirit World:
Masterclass in Esoteric and Occult Meditation

Three 90-minute Sessions – Sunday Evenings 7pm
30th May • 6th & 13th June

This three-session course is for people who already have a meditation practice.

When you meditate it really helps if you can understand and explore the impressions , insights and intuitions that come to you while you are sitting. Some mediators mistakenly think that meditation should be a completely empty zone, but that is a temporary error.

The purpose of this course is to explore, deepen and clarify the impressions, intuitions and flashes of insight that arise in meditation.

In each session, through guided exercises and discussion, you will be helped to develop your experiences and understand their nature. We will also focus on the different ways in which people sense and then interpret their impressions.

There is a famous story about an experienced meditation teacher and an enthusiastic student.

Enthusiastic student: My meditation was amazing! I saw angels and fantastic colours! I heard a voice and felt the vibration of liberated beings! 

Teacher: Be quiet. All that will pass.

This story is often taught as if all the phenomena in meditation are irrelevant and to be ignored, just figments of the imagination or distractions.

But that is not the fable’s real lesson.

The real lesson is that whatever arises in meditation must be witnessed with calm compassionate equanimity and detached curiosity. 

Spiritual wisdom is not an empty vacuum. It is filled with compassionate knowledge and understanding. It is a space where our psyches are absolutely free to explore.

Remember, for example, that Buddhist paintings of meditation and the inner realms are not empty.

When meditators have achieved calm compassionate detachment, they are free to enquire, to explore their experience and expand their consciousness.

To support this exploration it is helpful to have some knowledge of what is ‘out there’ to be experienced — to have some sense of what Patanjali described as being perceivable  ‘in the raincloud of knowable things.’

That raincloud contains different levels of energy and consciousness, vibrations, thought-forms and beings, tiny and cosmic. We will explore and contemplate them.

We will develop the skills of perception, discernment and interpretation.

The sessions will be organised to explore the phenomena and altered states of consciousness you may encounter at three levels: 

• Earth  — nature, mineral-plant-animal realms, earth energies, magnetism-gravity 

• Humanity — thoughtforms, astral phenomena, glamours, allies 

• Cosmos — souls, avatars, stars, higher states, source

All of this must be explored from a state of contemplative compassion, emptiness and being comfortable with unknowing. Consciousness, compassion and connection expand.

There will be audio recordings of the sessions, which participants can access afterwards.

Price: £95.00 Standard Ticket. £35 Concessions (done on trust for people on low income and minimal savings.) 

Your ticket is for the whole course, all three sessions.