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Book Cover Meditation Masterclass by William Bloom

Meditation Masterclass

For the PDF or printed copy of the booklet you neeed to go the Spiritual Companions website here:  Meditation Masterclass


Spirituality and Mental Health

I have written a booklet for the Spiritual Companions Trust on spirituality and mental health. Much of it is relevant to potential psychological risks associated with meditation. To view and download the PDF click here


Teach & Lead Meditation Notes

This is a short booklet to support meditation teachers. It contains much of the information that is in ‘Meditation Masterclass’ but in a more simple form.

To view and download the PDF click here

Temperament — 7 Types

Your temperament may colour how you expand your consciousness in meditation and develop your relationship with the ‘cosmic ocean.’

Working from the soul and personality types suggested by H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, here are some suggestions. They may guide you into insighst about your own approach to the iner work of meditation.

1. Dynamic – Purposeful – Storm Heaven

2. Warm – Considered – Heart Opening

3. Reflective – Enquiring – Ah-ha moments

4. Creative – Arty – Many approaches

5. Careful – Precise – Sensible

6. Devotional – Prayerful – Surrendered

7. Exploring – Patterns – Occult

For more on this approach see: Alice Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation