Workshop Feedback

“I just wanted to tell you about a work-related conference I co-created along the lines you taught us on the Holistic Leadership course. The event was a great success but what made me smile inwardly were the comments of ‘this whole conference feels different’; ‘theres’ so much goodwill around’….and there was. Against all the odds people I asked to do workshops just kept saying  ‘yes’. So a heart felt ‘thanks’ to you and the spirits at work.” Val Chamberlain, Teacher educator

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the most wonderful Masterclass for Empaths, Psychics and Sensitives.
This was my first workshop with yourself and I loved every minute.
Your words were inspiring, helpful and made sense of my own situation. You kept it real and you were sensitive to all those around you.
It was good to be able to laugh at oneself too, as one can get so wrapped up in this gift of ours and sometimes lose the sense of what is real and what is not. But I never forget how lucky I am to have this gift, I think I can say privileged and honoured. As long as I can put it to the best use possible then I know I will have made a difference to someone.
Again thank you for what I felt was a life changing day in so many ways for me. The day for me was awesome.” — AJC, Somerset

“I am writing to say a very big THANK YOU for your stimulating talk and discussion at Cardiff Theosophical Society last night. We all found it extremely interesting and captivating. I was particularly impressed by the attentive silence and the relaxed feeling of well-being that you seemed to conjure up.” Peter Lewis, Cardiff TS

“It is a pleasure to write to thank you for your contribution to the Silver Jubilee Conference last Friday. Your presentation was received with enthusiasm and gratitude. We have been enjoying the overhwelmingly positive feedback and request for more from many delegates.” Cancer Care

“I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration of the past weekend. At the moment I feel in a spiritual melting pot and you have given me the courage to do what I feel what is right at any given moment without feeling a sense of guilt that it might meet with disapproval from other people. ( the guilt complex that was instilled as a very small child and is so difficult to shake off). It was a truly stimulating and empowering weekend and I just hope that I can hold onto and build on it.” – Pat Shackleton, Teacher

“Thank you so much!!! You are a brilliant, grounded, co-creative visionary and I appreciate so much what you have done and are doing!”

“What you were able to convey with such eloquence, humour and love is something I have been in search of and yearning for for too long: the fusing of body and spirit demythologised.”

“I’ve been wanting to say thank you again to you, William. What you do seems so NOW, so needed and right for this time and many of us. Your talent for leading with intuition and compassion without prescibing or becoming the authority is remarkable. I feel more firmly grounded and embedded in my spiritual practice now with a deeper, dependable sense of connection. I know the weekends, your setting them up and leading them and the companionship of everyone have given that to me.” – Lindie White, psychotherapist

“Your wonderful book – Feeling Safe – gave me so much that life and parents had not that, with the help of Relate and my wife Sue I have started to totally rebuild my inner identity based on your teachings and kind words. …. You are a truly special, warm and loving man, which I was able to feel come out of the words from your book thank you, William” SL, IT exec

“You have enabled me to take on the most effective, eye-opening training i’ve ever done.” DE, Senior Civil Service Manager

Feeling Safe“Thank you for an inspired and inspirational day. I do hope you also heard the comments of the participants during it. Your skills as a teacher are of the highest calibre (and I speak from much experience and a place of knowing – as teaching was/is my own absolute passion): information clearly given and reiterated for further clarity and memory; the balance between simplicity and profundity; the addition of humour and lightness; and the obvious depth of your spiritual integrity and connection all shine through.” JP, Martinsey Foundation

“William, thank you so much for the inspiration hope that you have given to me through our meeting at Glastonbury over the Bank Holiday, last weekend. I have returned home with a real sense that anything is possible.With love to you. (the person for whom pain had become a way of life – notice past tense!!)” Denise, businesswoman

“I attended your holistic leadership course recently in London. I thought I would write and say thanks to you for an enjoyable and meaningful weekend. When I came away I knew I’d enjoyed it but wasn’t sure exactly what I had learnt. For me the learning always becomes clearer when real life situations present themselves. I am holding on to the idea of being and sitting “in” my values and this has helped this week in instances where I have been challenged about my intentions regarding a project I am setting up. I am now clearer and stronger about my values and I do not need the approval of others to validate them. Thanks WIlliam. By the way I support your work wholeheartedely and also use some of your techniques from the endorphin effect when working with clients.” MA Counsellor Psychotherapist

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop over the weekend. I really appreciate the clarity and intelligence and unpretentiousness that you bring to your teaching. You certainly helped me to clarify some things for myself, and I feel like I took away much food for thought. It was also a nice bunch of people.So thank you for all that.” Laura Grant, University Librarian

“It was a most interesting and fun workshop, presented in such a wonderful style – so relaxed and very much leading by example. Came away with a real sense of ‘just being’ – it is all so simple really – just allow! Although I thanked William at the time, please thank him again for me – he really put a lot into getting this message across to all of us.” DP, lawyer

“I attended your workshop “The Sword and The Chalice” last weekend. I found your presentation so practical, down to earth and enjoyable. I usually find large groups quite daunting, but found that after the meditaion, any anxiety quickly vanished.I admit that I had become weak over a period of time about the disipline and core work of spiritual practice which has caused fatigue and burn out,effecting my work as an energy worker.After last weekend I feel empowered and liberated.Many thanks to you.” BS Healer

“A friend is just awakening to energy work and asking me for ideas. I keep finding myself saying: William Bloom. I realise now that yours are the only events I know that give a solid foundation without asking you to sell your soul. I like that you arent affiliated as most of the time you have someone saying my way is the way, my tradition is the answer… You have brought so much into one place and tools that are practical, almost pragmatic. What works, what has some science behind it, what elements many traditions share.”— Joelle Marlow

About The Heroic Journey workshop:
“Hello William
I just wanted to thank you for the last ‘Your Heroic Journey’ weekend. It was not what I expected – far better and thought provoking. I have had very long term ‘mental health’ problems, which took decades to get to over. And though I had accepted and understood in a physical way what had happened to me and I thought I’d moved on from it all, this weekend with you bought it all back again – and reminded me how spiritual it had all felt – and terrifying.
No amount of reading or counselling could explain or reassure me about these ‘weird’ experiences – only in the terms of how barmy I was!
Listening to you, it was as if you had personal knowledge of my experience. You charted it exactly. I was stunned and moved to tears – to hear my behaviour was ‘normal’ for those circumstances. After 30 years, I can’t tell you what that has done to me. It has opened up a part of me, I felt best hidden. I’ve had many ‘strange’ experiences that I could not justify and you touched on some of them in such an understanding, accepting and even joyful way. And though I am very nervous about opening up this spiritual side of myself – I realise it is just the missing (as I was afraid to acknowledge it) part of me, not some dark monster.(My personal religious upbringing was all hell and damnation and bloody sexist!!) You so hit the nail on the head – that my poor brain is still spinning and trying to assimilate all this information. As I told you on the day, you have made my depressing past seem far more understandable and acceptable because through all the shit I was definitely expanding my conciousness!! So thank you so much. I will definitely be attending more workshops to explore this even further. Love the book.
Keep up the bloody marvellous work.” – Linda J, physiotherapist