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Scrolling down on this page you will find these videos:

•  Body Scan Meditation Audio

• Future of Religion and Spirituality

• Co-Creativity Spirituality
About the unseen worlds: how we sense them, how we can learn to work with them and how we can make them part of our normal life.

• Secrets of the Inner Smile

• Conversations with Angels, Nature Spirits & Elementals

• 12  ‘Everyone Cares’ videos

• 3  ‘Endorphin Effect’ videos

• Psychic Protection Masterclass

• Psychotherapy & Spirituality

• How to Cooperate with Nature Spirits audio

• Full Body Scan Meditation – Click here (on a new page)

Co-Creativity Spirituality – The first talk of the Findhorn Easter Talks 2018 series.
About the unseen worlds: how we sense them, how we can learn to work with them and how we can make them part of our normal life. (April 2017)

Secrets of the Inner Smile (June 2016)

Conversations with Angels, Nature Spirits & Elementals (February 2017)

Everyone Cares Videos

These videos provide simple strategies that help carers look after themselves and be better carers. They were originally made for the Everyone Cares project.

Rehearsing with my lion

Rehearsing with my lion

The Core Skills of Giving Care (4:02)

Embedded into our DNA are the core skills of giving care and compassion. This video explores the universal body language ...
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The Science and Health Benefits of Self-Care (3:11)

This video gives an overview of the science and health benefits of the Everyone Cares self-care strategies. All the strategies ...
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Soaking (2:17)

Soaking is an enjoyable and easy strategy that supports your health and wellbeing. 'Soaking' means: Whenever you feel anything good, ...
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One Brain Cell (3:10)

When exhausted or down all you need to do is switch on just one brain cell to focus on self-care ...
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Guided Inner Smile Exercise (7:29)

This video guides you through doing the wonderful Inner Smile exercise. It takes you stage by stage through the process ...
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The Inner Smile (6:32)

The Inner Smile is a wonderful exercise for supporting your health and wellness, sending messages of care and reassurance directly ...
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Positive Triggers (3:40)

Thinking about the all the things you like and love sends reassuring messages through your physiology, supporting your health and ...
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Community: Friends, Animals and Nature (1:10)

Spending time with people and animals you like is an enjoyable way to support your health and wellbeing. When you ...
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Nature Heals (3:58)

Connecting with the natural world can be a crucial element in supporting your health. This can be as simple as ...
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Deckchair Moments (1:58)

Let your abdomen and stomach drop. Breathe softly. Ahh. This is the same as chilling in a deckchair. Your body ...
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Quiet Time Alone (2:05)

Taking some quiet time alone is fantastically supportive of your health and wellbeing. Everyone benefits from a few moments to ...
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Breathe Softly (1:54)

Soften your breath and your whole body benefits. When you soften your breath signals are triggered in your neuro-endocrinal system ...
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Endorphin Effect Series

Other Videos

Spirituality and Psychotherapy video (36:00)

Given at the Bristol Psychotherapy Association to a small group of 50 counsellors and therapists on 2 June 2014. This ...
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How to Cooperate with Nature Spirits, Angels and Muses AUDIO Class

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Psychic Protection – Masterclass Video

Masterclass for Experienced Practitioners and Beginners - Insights and Exercises (52:44) Glastonbury 2016 This Psychic Protection class based on the ...
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