Online Talk Tuesday 6 July 7:30pm (London time) Tickets by donation

You are a Spiritual Healer — whether you know it or not

 This online talk will explore and explain the natural spiritual healing abilities that you possess whether you know it or not.

William will describe three modes of spiritual healing that people can naturally practice and the three types of invisible helper who are always there to support you.

Three Modes of Spiritual Healing

  • Channel benevolent energy
  • Co-present radiation
  • Drop into the blueprint of health

Three Invisible Helpers

  • Healing Angels and Spirits
  • Souls of healer and ‘client’
  • Source/God/Spirit

William Bloom is one of the UK’s most experienced teachers of a holistic approach to health and development. He is director of the Spiritual Companions Trust and a Patron of the Healing Trust. His many books include The Endorphin Effect, Working with Angels and The Power of Modern Spirituality.