Book Cover Soulution by William Bloom

How Today’s Spirituality Changes Everything

“At last – the book that puts it all together for us: spirituality, healthcare and practical living. Dr Bloom weaves the twenty-first century tapestry we need. This is a real step forward.” Prof David Peters, Chair of British Holistic Medical Association.

Soulution provides an inspiring and much-needed explanation of the new spirituality emerging all across the world. It is for everyone who has a spiritual instinct and it offers a dynamic antidote to fundamentalism.

In this vital and visionary book, William Bloom provides the first full description and explanation of this movement, forecasting that it is becoming the major spiritual approach on the planet.

Includes 365 suggestions for holistic living.

Be a positive influence for a better world.

“Absolutely brilliant.” Caroline Myss

“Thorough, thought-provoking and practical – a much needed dose of reality.” Prediction Magazine

“Refreshing and new … Readable, jargon free, coherent, thoughtful, and yet challenging and provoking … a flag for the new paradigm.” Light Magazine.

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